Berkshire Concert Choir's mission is to present the finest choral literature from all musical periods, striving always for excellence in performance and providing an opportunity to members of the community to express and develop their musical talents and interests. Membership is open to all persons at varying levels of experience and skill who are committed to hard work and the joy of singing.


Wednesday evenings 7-9 PM
Pittsfield High School,

chorus room
300 East Street 
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Phone:  413-442-6120​

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Berkshire Concert Choir, Inc. seeks

an Artistic Director

who will enjoy engaging its singers and board members in developing a musical vision that draws on diverse periods, styles, and interests to realize the joy of singing.  

Beginning June 1, 2020, the Artistic Director will lead, engage, teach, direct, and motivate the Choir’s fifty voice, community based, inter-generational, adult chorus to entertain, serve and infuse the Berkshire community with enthusiastic awareness of new and old choral music.

Interested individuals should submit an application letter, resume, support documents and links with three references to BerkConCh@gmail.com by January 31, 2020.

About the Berkshire Concert Choir

The Berkshire Concert Choir was organized in 1978 to give people who are interested and able to learn all forms of music an opportunity to produce and perform fine choral music.  Auditions are not required.


The choir roster varies from 45-60 people from season to season with interests and repertoire that range from classical to contemporary in varied genres.

The choir’s annual performances have generally included: Annual fall and spring concerts produced by the Choir; participation in annual benefits for a food pantry and a heating fuel assistance program; four “summer sings” that invite the community to sing with chorus members; and singing as the chorus or as small groups drawn from the chorus at events sponsored by community organizations


Performance Venues have primarily been churches but have included an arts center, an historic home, senior citizens’ residences.   Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings during the singing year in the Pittsfield High School chorus room.


(per Board of Directors, June 2018)

“The mission of The Berkshire Concert Choir, Inc. is to present the finest choral literature from all musical periods, striving always for excellence in performance and providing an opportunity to members of the community to express and develop their musical talents and interests. Membership is open to all persons at varying levels of experience and skill who are committed to hard work and the joy of singing.”


(per Articles of Incorporation)

  • To give an opportunity to people who are interested in performing, producing or otherwise creating fine choral, vocal and instrumental music to meet and perform same;

  • To teach all forms of music to those interested and able to learn;

  • To give singers, instrumentalists and other musical artists, including but not limited to those who are new and unprofessional, the opportunity of gaining experience through public performances of musical compositions, along with others who are both experienced and inexperienced in the performance of same;

  • To provide musical and other artistic performances for the public primarily in, but not limited to, the County of Berkshire, Massachusetts;

  • To join with other groups in the performance of public musical and other artistic presentations or performances;

  • To encourage and promote new artistic compositions through public presentations and performance of same;

  • And do every act necessary to raise funds to finance any of the foregoing purposes.


Artistic Director Goals and Expectations

A Leader with a Vision:

For singers to learn and grow, deliver excellent performances, serve the community, and perform programs that include “classics” and new music that reflects the cultural diversity and musical interests of the community.

For a choral organization whose members and leaders share and participate in developing the Artistic Director’s vision.


For a community choir that sings in a variety of community venues: institutions, residential facilities, churches, historic buildings, public spaces and pop up locations, etc.

For reaching and cultivating new and future audiences.


Leadership Experience: Demonstrated ability to energize a chorus or similar organization to grow its capacity to successfully perform great music.

Experience and Skills in Organizing and Promoting Concert Programs: Scheduling performances in consultation with the Board; planning programs and musical selections; collaborating with accompanist; plan and conduct well organized rehearsals; engage and direct soloists and instrumentalists; work with members of the choir and board to promote concerts.

Strong relational skills for welcoming, engaging, and working with individuals who are: Young, mid-life and retired individuals; women and men; individuals of non-binary sexual orientations and genders; varied in social, economic and education backgrounds, ethnicities and races; serving as board officers and directors; representing partner organizations. 

Experience and Skills in Teaching large groups (40-60 singers); small groups (12-20 singers); individuals; singers whose skill levels vary.


Music and Singing Experience and Skills that include basic keyboard skills for directing singers and experience singing in  choral groups.


Has Diverse music interests and a repertoire that mixes a variety of Time Period(s), genres and styles.

Holds a Music Degree or Equivalent Experience: BA, MA, Other Degree, or Equivalent Experience with knowledge of great music traditions as well as emerging new music.

Has Experience in Choral Directing

Demonstrates Strong Communication Skills: Oral and written groups and individuals, media and the public,  Online: Email; Web Site; etc.


Personal Qualities

Sense of humor


People friendly




Seeks perfection with realism

What Our Singers Say about the Berkshire Concert Choir

Berkshire Community Choir members offered the following comments about the choir. A sampling of their observations follows.

“The Berkshire Concert Choir is a well-established community chorus. The members are quite diverse in background. We enjoy singing many styles of music and are willing to take on new challenges. In addition to the music, good fellowship is very important to our organization.”

“I love singing with other people. Berkshire Concert Choir gives me an opportunity to stretch my musical abilities with its varied and challenging musical programs, and I also get to meet many interesting people.”

“We are a dedicated chorus and enjoy performing concerts that will delight the audience. Although we work hard, we are a fun group.”

“The Berkshire Community Choir takes on challenging repertoire with a great work ethic, striving for high quality exciting performances.”

“The chorus achieves a wonderful balance between high musical standards and a friendly, welcoming, supportive atmosphere.”

“I believe that the Berkshire Concert Choir has high standards, it's very organized, musically satisfying and I am proud to be a member of the group.”

“We’re a group of people who have come together because we love to sing. To me (I’ve been a member for over 20 years) it’s like a second family. We work together and support one another and make beautiful music!”

“The Berkshire Community Choir gives you the opportunity to sing with others, which is good for the soul and also good for brain health! Pittsfield High School is a conveniently situated rehearsal space where parking is usually readily available.”

“It is an open, welcoming, well-educated and interesting group of people who love to sing, and dedicate their time to make the music the best it can be.”

“The Berkshire Concert Choir embraces new members no matter their voice part or experience level who freely give so much of their time both to make the group better (extra rehearsals) and to reach the greater community (performances in nursing homes and other community venues in addition to major concerts).”

“We have a rich inter-generational mix of veteran and novice singers who aspire to sing beautifully together. As a consequence, rehearsals can be intense but good humor and laughter help us stay focused. Singing with this group is both rewarding and enjoyable.”

“A joyful group of singers, we are flexible and respond to challenges!”